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Dorogobuzh to Allocate RUB 500 mn to Social Projects and Facilities in Smolensk Region in 2024

On 17 April 2024, governor of Smolensk region Vasily Anokhin and Vladimir Kunitsky, CEO of Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group), signed an agreement between the Smolensk region government and Dorogobuzh to transfer the Verkhnedneprovsky sports and wellness facility to the Company, which will renovate it for the district’s residents.

During the working trip, the governor and the management of Acron Group visited social facilities in Verkhnedneprovsky. Dorogobuzh invested over RUB 50 mn in the ongoing revamping of the infectious disease ward at the Dorogobuzh Central District Hospital, scheduled for completion next summer. The Company will also finance the overhaul of a five-storey treatment unit there, including upgrades to the admission, paediatric, surgery, therapy, gynaecology and intensive care wards, as well as the endoscopy and X-ray units, which will begin this year.

Mr Anokhin said: ‘The renovation of the Verkhnedneprovsky sports and wellness facility is just one of the actions planned under the agreement we have signed. Together, we will landscape a public garden near the Khimik Cultural Centre. We will promote sports and fitness in Dorogobuzh district. The regional administration will build a boiler house at the Lastochka summer camp, so staying there will be much more comfortable for local children this summer. I would like to thank Acron and Dorogobuzh for their cooperation and support. Our joint initiatives will comprehensively improve the quality of life of the Dorogobuzh community’.

Under the terms of a social partnership agreement signed last autumn between the Company and the Smolensk region administration, Dorogobuzh will allocate RUB 150 mn over the period 2024–2026 to address pressing issues in health care, education and culture, and to make life more comfortable for the district’s residents.

Vladimir Kantor, the Company’s Vice President, said: ‘Social investment is a priority area of our sustainable development. Acron Group consistently and systematically builds social infrastructure. Next year will be a special year for Dorogobuzh, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary. That is why, we will increase our investment in social programmes to RUB 500 mn this year. We have prepared a variety of promising projects that will dramatically change the face of both Verkhnedneprovsky and Dorogobuzh.