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North-Western Phosphorous Company

Producing apatite concentrate at the Oleniy Ruchey mine in Murmansk region

  • 40.6
    mn t
    P₂O₅ (B+C1)
  • up to 2
    of apatite concentrate
  • USD 1.1
    total investments in the Project

In 2006, Acron Group member NWPC obtained licences to develop apatite-nepheline ore deposits at the Oleniy Ruchey and Partomchorr fields in Murmansk region. This project will complete Acron Group’s vertical integration by creating a phosphate raw material base for complex fertiliser production.

The Oleniy Ruchey mining and processing complex project includes an open pit and an underground mine. Exploration and engineering work was completed in 2010, and NWPC produced its first batch of apatite concentrate in 2012. By 2013, the Company met the Group’s entire demand for phosphates and launched shipments to third parties. The open-pit mine has capacity of 1.2 mtpa of apatite concentrate. In autumn 2017, NWPC started ore extraction at the underground mine and plans to increase output up to 2 mtpa of apatite concentrate.

Key Stages


  • Developing the underground mine and gradually increasing output to 2 mtpa of apatite concentrate


  • Developing the open pit and building the underground mine, increasing the mine capacity, building a railway line from the production site to Titan railway station. The underground mine began producing ore in the autumn of 2017, and later that year the railway line was commissioned.


  • Building mining and processing facilities, an open pit, and infrastructure. Apatite concentrate production was launched in late 2012.


  • Preparing design documents for the Oleniy Ruchey mine and obtaining approval from the state expert review board

Oleniy Ruchey Deposit Reserves Approved by State Reserves Committee (Rosnedra) (as of 01 January 2020)

Balance Reserves Ore, ‘000 t P₂O₅ Grade P₂O₅, ‘000 t
В+С1 246,092 16.51% 40,620
С₂ 130,226 14.94% 19,457
Total 376,318 15.96% 60,077
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26 Koashva settlement
Kirovsk, Murmansk region 184227

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