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Industrial and Workplace Safety

One of Acron Group’s priority tasks is ensuring workplace safety in its footprint regions and mitigating industrial risks.

At its production facilities, the Group follows the occupational health and safety management system aimed at consistently reducing the number of occupational injuries and accidents.

Under the occupational health and safety policy, the Group’s facilities use high-tech equipment to construct new and upgrade existing production lines, run equipment diagnostics, and test the safety of feedstock and materials used in operations.

The Group continually ensures occupational safety, taking measures to proactively improve workplace environment and protect personnel, as well as conducting special assessments of working conditions.

Acron Group is committed to preventing emergencies. It develops comprehensive corporate standards and implements strong measures to minimise the risk of occupational accidents.

The Group also implements educational programmes to improve the qualifications of health and safety specialists, instructs employees in workplace safety, and maintains workplace discipline. 

In 2023, Acron Group spent RUB 1.1 billion on occupational health and safety measures. 

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