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Corporate Governance

Acron follows key recommendations of the best international practices as it develops its corporate governance.

In 2008, the Group revised its Corporate Governance Code to strike the right shareholder interest balance. The Corporate Governance Code includes standards in this area which the company has voluntarily accepted, in addition to applicable law and corporate governance regulations contained in various stock exchange listing requirements.

The fundamental principles of the Corporate Governance Code are as follows:

  • Shareholders shall have a real opportunity to exercise rights relating to their shareholding in Acron.
  • Equal treatment for shareholders having an equal number of shares of the same type (category), including minority and foreign shareholders.
  • The Board of Directors shall strategically manage the company’s activities and effectively control the activities of the company’s executive bodies; members of the Board of Directors shall be accountable to shareholders.
  • Executive bodies shall carry out day-to-day management of the company’s business in such a way as to maintain long-term, stable development and allow shareholders to receive benefits from these activities, as well as accountability of executive bodies to the Board of Directors and shareholders.
  • Full and reliable information about the company shall be disclosed in a timely fashion in order to allow shareholders and investors to make reasoned decisions.
  • The company’s financial and economic activity shall be controlled effectively in order to protect the legitimate interests of shareholders and the interests of other parties concerned.