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Acron Supports New Degree Course at Novgorod University

Starting this academic year, the Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University has launched a new ‘Chemical Engineering’ course to train specialists in this field for Acron.

It is an extramural bachelor degree course for those who want to combine their work and higher education. Some practical sessions will be taught by the Company’s experts.

In October 2023, nearly 40 Acron employees started the new course at Novgorod University. Upon completion, they will be able to move on to more complex production processes and technologies, and pursue successful careers at Acron as specialists and managers.

‘Developing close cooperation with Novgorod University is an important step towards our goal of building a continuous education system from secondary school to vocational school to university. The new industry-specific university degree in Chemistry will help future Acron employees build a successful career in their hometown’, commented Olga Shestakova, Head of Human Resources at Acron.

Yury Borovikov, rector of Novgorod State University said: ‘We have been thinking about launching such a course for a long time, and thanks to Acron’s support, our plans have become a reality. It is also important for us to create a comfortable learning environment for students and organise an efficient educational process, which I am sure we will achieve’.

Acron and Novgorod State University have been partners for many years. In 2022, the Company also became an industrial partner of the Advanced Engineering School established at the University.