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Acron Tells Veliky Novgorod School Students about In-Demand Jobs

Acron held a three-day career guidance seminar for school students at its Aurora Recreation Camp in Veliky Novgorod.

The event was organised in association with the education committee of the Veliky Novgorod administration for the second year in a row. This year, it was attended by eighth- and ninth-grade students keen on natural sciences.

They learnt about professions that are in demand in the labour market and at Acron, opportunities for studying at secondary and higher vocational institutions, and Acron’s operations and products, and took part in chemical experiments and a master class on making simple household goods. According to the feedback, they would like to attend future Company’s seminars.

Acron’s deputy executive director for human resources and social matters Andrey Pestov underlined social importance and role of career guidance. ‘Our efforts are aimed at fostering respect for labour in young people and rethinking the stereotype of blue-collar jobs being in low demand. Career guidance seminars motivate young people to focus on vocation-related subjects and pursue blue-collar jobs, as they realise the prospects for training, development, and career growth that large production companies can offer’.

Career guidance for school students is an essential component of Acron Group’s solid professional training system. For years, Veliky Novgorod-based Acron has been recognising winners of academic competitions in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. In 2018, the Company established a grant called ‘Together with Acron to Success in Learning and Career’ for chemistry and physics teachers. Last year, the Company expanded the grant programme to include mathematics teachers. Over the past five years, 33 teachers received grants totalling nearly RUB4 million.