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In 2020, Dorogobuzh Allocated RUB 52 Million for Charitable Giving

In 2020, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) allocated RUB 52 million (up 25% year-on-year) for charitable projects and programmes to support social and economic development in Smolensk region.

For over 20 years, Dorogobuzh has provided fertilisers to the farmers in Dorogobuzh district and Smolensk region free of charge. In 2020, the Company donated NPK and AN worth RUB 19.7 million to Smolensk growers.

Each year since 2017, the Company and Dorogobuzh district administration have signed a social partnership agreement. In 2020, Dorogobuzh allocated RUB 2.5 million to fund repairs at local schools and kindergartens, construct a sports field in Novo-Mikhailovskoye village, purchase playground equipment for Verkhnedneprovsky settlement and laboratory equipment for the Verkhnedneprovsky technical college, and repair the cultural centre in Vasino village.

Dorogobuzh also supports the district veterans’ council, the St. Demetrius convent in Dorogobuzh, the Smolensk Music Society, and Ugransky district administration. The Company purchased personal protective equipment, medications, and medical equipment worth RUB 2.2 million for the Dorogobuzh Central Hospital, and over RUB 27 million were allocated to support NGOs and cultural and research organisations.

Konstantin Serenkov, head of Dorogobuzh district administration, spoke warmly of the administration’s cooperation with Dorogobuzh. ‘We solve a significant portion of our social issues under the social partnership agreement with Dorogobuzh. The Company’s funds help us implement educational, cultural, and sports projects and advance local agriculture’.