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Acron Building a New Fuel Station

Acron Group, one of the leading producers of mineral fertilisers in Russia and worldwide, is building an up-to-date fuel station at its Veliky Novgorod facility. The project was developed by chief engineer’s department and production support department Investments will total RUB 18 million.

‘The new station will replace one that is outdated and obsolete’, said Mikhail Yaskevich, Acron’s first deputy executive director and chief engineer. ‘Our key objectives are centralising vehicle refuelling, minimising human error, and making fuel consumption transparent’.

The project’s main stages involve constructing three new diesel fuel underground tanks and a railway spur for safe refuelling of diesel locomotives, installing upgraded pumping equipment for transporting fuel and lubricants, and constructing a reinforced concrete platform with drainage and modern automated fuel dispensers for refuelling rail and road transport. Energy-efficient lighting and a video surveillance system were installed for safety and security.

The fuel station is nearing completion, with commissioning scheduled for autumn 2020.