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New Urea Granulation Unit Comes on Stream at Acron’s Veliky Novgorod Site

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, has commissioned a new 700-ktpa urea granulation unit at its Veliky Novgorod site.

The unit cost a total of USD 29 million. Acron also constructed an additional finished product warehouse capable of storing 15,000 tonnes of urea.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov comments:

“We are continuing to implement projects as part of Acron Group’s development strategy. Acron used to only produce prilled urea. With the new unit on stream, we will supplement our product portfolio with premium granulated urea that is in demand globally, improve production flexibility and better meet the market’s needs by switching to the products with the greatest demand at any given moment.

“The urea shop is seeing a lot of changes. In 2019, Acron launched a significant upgrade of urea unit 6, which will bring the overall shop capacity to 1.9 mtpa in 2021 and make Acron a major urea producer in both Russia and Europe, capable of producing up to 1.4 million tonnes of dry products (granulated and prilled) and liquid UAN”.

Acron’s Chief Executive Officer Vladimir Kunitsky comments:

“Acron implemented the project independently, without subcontracting EPC or foreign construction and engineering companies. The unit was designed by Novgorodsky GIAP (a member of Acron Group). Acron’s capital construction department and the engineering team were responsible for technical support and construction management, respectively.

Urea is a high-analysis nitrogen fertiliser and a feedstock for urea-ammonium fertiliser and urea-formaldehyde resins. Urea has the best physical and chemical profile of all the granulated nitrogen fertilisers and is widely applied to a range of crops and all soil types.