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Acron Group Conducts Field Trials of NPK Fertilisers in Vietnam

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, cooperated with the Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute (SFRI), a part of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), to conduct field trials of NPK fertilisers for various vegetable crops in Bình Chánh and Củ Chi rural districts in southern Vietnam, where the country’s agricultural production is focused.

In all the trials conducted in 2018 and 2019, Acron Group’s NPKs proved to be effective at stimulating crop growth and development.

Acron’s fertilisers were both more effective and more cost effective than the fertilisers and practices currently used by growers in the area, demonstrating that they are an effective solution for vegetable crop cultivation on various soils in the main agricultural regions of Vietnam.

Acron’s Vice President Overseas Dmitry Khabrat commented: “Acron is one of the largest NPK suppliers in the Vietnamese market. We have significantly increased the range of brands we sell in Vietnam, with over 10 different formulas currently available. Despite the general decline in NPK demand in Vietnam in 2019 due to adverse weather conditions and low crop prices, Acron has managed to maintain its supply volumes.

“Vietnam remains one of Acron’s key markets in Southeast Asia, and we are committed to increasing our presence in this market by boosting our sales volumes and advancing scientific research. We will continue testing our NPKs in 2020, for the benefit of our distributors and the end users of Acron’s fertilisers. Our goal is to provide growers with everything they need for balanced plant nutrition, which, in turn, will make the application of our fertilisers more efficient”.