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Acron Boosts Social and Economic Support for Footprint Regions by 25%

In 2018, Acron Group increased its financing of social and economic support programmes to RUB 380 million, up from RUB 304 million in 2017.

In the reporting year, under an agreement with the Veliky Novgorod administration, Acron allocated more than RUB 18 million to repair socially significant infrastructure in the region. Additionally, each year, the Group provides financial assistance to equip labs at Novgorod Chemical Industry College and hold the Young Professionals tournament. In 2018, Acron Group provided its traditional support for the annual Christmas Gift charity marathon. Acron’s investments in regional programmes totaled RUB 122.5 million.

Dorogobuzh and the administration of the Dorogobuzh district of Smolensk region signed yet another social partnership agreement the previous year. The Company allocated RUB 2 million to finance social projects in the city of Dorogobuzh and Dorogobuzh district, including repairs to social infrastructure and landscaping and reconstruction of the graves of World War II veterans. Dorogobuzh allocated a total of RUB 48.7 million to social and economic development in the region.

NWPC (Murmansk region) executed a social and economic cooperation agreement with the city of Kirovsk and transferred RUB 98 million to the budget to support social life in the city and the surrounding area as well as to promote education, culture, and sports. Additionally, the Company spent RUB 11 million to sponsor the city’s major sporting events. Acron Group also transferred RUB 99 million to the city of Apatity under a social and economic partnership agreement to develop and support social life and public infrastructure.

VPC (Perm Krai) allocated RUB 1 million to hold events, support healthcare infrastructure, improve playgrounds at the childcare centre, and support cultural initiatives in Berezniki and Zheleznodorozhny settlement.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov commented on these partnership agreements: “Acron Group makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of its footprint regions. Acron annually signs regional partnership agreements and supports socially significant initiatives. All the Group’s facilities are attractive employers and responsible taxpayers; they participate in the regions’ economic activities, improving the quality of life of employees, their families and local residents”.