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Acron Holds Annual General Meeting on 30 May 2019

   The shareholder meeting approved Acron Annual Report, accounting (financial) statements and profit and loss distribution for 2018. Acron’s 2018 RAS net profit was RUB 10,810,366 thousand. The shareholders resolved to declare 2018 dividends in cash at the rate of RUB 135 per outstanding ordinary share. The total amount to be distributed as dividends is RUB 5,472,090 thousand. The record date for persons entitled to dividends is set for 11 June 2019.

The shareholders elected Acron’s Board of Directors as follows:
  1. Nikolai Arutyunov
  2. Vladimir Gavrikov
  3. Georgy Golukhov
  4. Alexander Dynkin
  5. Yury Malyshev
  6. Alexander Popov
  7. Vladimir Sister
Three independent directors will sit on the elected Board of Directors: Yury Malyshev, Vladimir Sister and Nikolai Arutyunov, who was named senior independent director. The general meeting also set the amount of remuneration to independent members of Acron’s Board of Directors.

The shareholder meeting also approved:
  • Crowe Russaudit as the auditor to approve accounting (financial) statements prepared in accordance with accounting laws of the Russian Federation
  • KPMG as the auditor to approve financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
The general meeting elected the Internal Audit Team consisting of Valentina Aleksandrova, Irina Dudicheva, Elena Zubrilova, Elena Potapova and Tatiana Khrapova.

At the meeting of the elected Board of Directors following the general meeting, Alexander Popov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vladimir Gavrikov was elected Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Vladimir Kunitsky was appointed CEO. The Board of Directors also formed the Managing Board consisting of Vladimir Kunitsky (Chairman), Vice President for Finance and Economics Dmitry Balandin, Finance Director Alexei Milenkov, Vice President for HR and Special Projects Irina Raber, Vice President Overseas Dmitry Khabrat and Vice President for Domestic Business and Agricultural Projects Alexander Lebedev.