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Acron Group Increases Fertiliser Transshipment through Russian Ports

Acron Group is now shipping fertilisers through the Port of Murmansk. In May 2018, 40,000 tonnes of complex fertilisers were transshipped through the Murmansk Bulk Terminal owned by EuroChem.

The shipment was made as part of Acron Group’s new strategy focused on increasing transshipment volumes through Russian ports.

EuroChem has made significant improvements to its fertiliser transshipment facility in Murmansk as part of its drive to attract additional cargo volumes to the Murmansk Bulk Terminal.

This project was feasible due to support from Russian Railways, which implements a flexible tariff policy focused on both attracting additional traffic and encouraging the expansion of sales markets for Russian producers.

Acron traditionally ships its mineral fertilisers through ports in Estonia and St. Petersburg. Acron Transportation Director Igor Bogdan commented on the change: “When we increase transshipment through alternative ports in Russia, we improve our logistics capabilities, reduce our commercial risks and contribute to the Russian economy”.