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Acron Reports Christmas Gift Charity Marathon Results

From 10 December 2018 through 25 January 2019, Novgorod region held its 27th annual Christmas Gift charity marathon to help local residents experiencing financial difficulties. This time, the total contributions exceeded RUB 91 million.

Acron has participated in the charity marathon for many years. This year, Acron invested RUB 1.5 million: RUB 1.3 were allocated to 72 needy families with children, RUB 100,000 to the event foundation, and RUB 100,000 to Union of Chernobyl, the regional non-governmental organisation for the disabled, the Novgorod branch of the All-Russia Association of the Blind, the regional multiple children family centre, and the Dormition of the Mother of God Temple.

According to Acron’s deputy executive director for HR and social relations Andrey Pestov, in 2018, the Company invested over RUB 18 million in local charities: “Last year, Acron sponsored repairs to the Pokrovsky Cathedral, Nikolo-Vyazhishchsky Monastery and nine schools in Malaya Vishera and Batetsky districts. Almost RUB 10 million were invested to repair 23 educational institutions in Veliky Novgorod. We also secured diesel fuel for the Captain Varukhin Marine Centre. We contributed RUB 2.5 million to equip labs and hold the Young Professionals tournament at Novgorod Chemical Industry College, where Acron is a permanent partner. We believe these social investments in the region are direct and successful”.