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Acron Group Team Takes Prizes at ChemFest Sports Festival

A team of Acron Group employees from Acron (Veliky Novgorod), Dorogobuzh, and NWPC ranked first among 23 teams fielded by chemical production facilities and research institutes from around the country at the ChemFest sports festival.

The Group’s employees came in first in orienteering, mas-wrestling (stick pulling), and long jump.
Alexei Lizunov from Dorogobuzh took first prize at the chess tournament.

Acron Group employees took first and third place in the 500-m women’s and men’s races.

The winners of the women’s races were:
First prize – Elena Kozmidi, wastewater treatment equipment operator at the biological treatment plant (Acron, Veliky Novgorod)
Third prize – Daria Karpinskaya, senior chemistry lab technician at the Analytic and Engineering Centre (Acron, Veliky Novgorod)

The winners of the men’s races were:
First prize – Evgeny Kirillov, electrical control and instrumentation mechanic at the NPK unit (Acron, Veliky Novgorod)
Third prize – Evgeny Sharikov, control operator in the operations and production department (NWPC)

At the last festival in 2019, Acron Group’s team ranked second in the team rating. The Group’s employees also won the first three prizes in the 800-m women’s and men’s races.