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In 7M 2018, Acron Supplied 500,000 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers to the Domestic Market

In January-July 2018, Acron Group shipped over 500,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers to the domestic market, up 20% year-on-year. The Group is a leading fertiliser producer in Russia and worldwide.

Ammonium nitrate and complex fertilisers (NPK) remain most popular among Russian farmers. Over the seven-month period, Acron increased supplies of its highly efficient complex fertilisers to Russian consumers by 55%.

In 2005, Acron established the Agronova distribution network consisting of twelve agribusiness companies that have direct access to consumers in major agricultural regions of Russia and provide mineral fertiliser delivery, marketing and storage services. Agronova’s aggregate storage capacity is 189,000 tonnes.