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Dorogobuzh Donates 1,000 Tonnes of High-Quality Fertilisers to Growers in Smolensk Region

To support the spring sowing campaign, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) has donated 1,000 tonnes of its high-quality mineral fertilisers to 138 farms in 24 districts of Smolensk region.

Growers from Smolensk, Safonovo, Pochinki and Roslavl districts are the main consumers of Dorogobuzh’s products. A quarter of the donated fertilisers was allocated to Sodeistvie, an association of agricultural enterprises and cooperatives representing 66 producers.

The Company also offered a 15% discount on AN to farmers in the region. This type of fertiliser is effective even in frozen soil, and thus can be applied in early spring, allowing farmers to start sowing as required by agricultural conditions.

Now, during active preparations for the spring sowing campaign, the timing of fertiliser shipments is crucial. That is why Dorogobuzh is prioritising supplies to Dorogobuzh region’s growers.