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Dorogobuzh Proves Quality of Mineral Fertiliser Packaging

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) has declared and obtained certification for new products manufactured at the polymer production shop. The quality of containers for mineral fertilisers and their compliance with Russian and international requirements was confirmed.

A working group consisting of employees from the production department, polymer production shop, and mineral fertiliser shipping department updated the technical requirements for packaging, based on which the standardisation department of the quality control and technology research centre have developed technical specifications for polypropylene fabric and soft intermediate bulk containers.

Product samples were sent to independent accredited laboratories for testing to ensure compliance with all quality requirements and to confirm their resistance to stress during transportation and storage of fertilisers. Based on the test results, the soft containers manufactured by Dorogobuzh received a declaration of product conformity with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 005/2011 On Packaging Safety and certificates for the type of container.

As part of the process of certifying container types, a technical expert from the Central Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fleet audited all stages of the production of soft containers: from the inspection of input raw materials and technical equipment to the procedures for accepting finished products. Based on the audit results, taking into account the quality, safety and strength characteristics of the products, certificates were issued for 500 kg, 540 kg and 1,000 kg soft containers, certifying their compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and authorising their use as packaging.

Elena Potkalova, head of Dorogobuzh’s quality control and technology research centre, said: ‘The quality of the soft containers made by Dorogobuzh meets all the technical requirements for such products. Nevertheless, the polymer production shop continues to work on improving the strength properties of the materials by introducing additives that increase resistance to transport and storage conditions’.