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Acron to Allocate RUB 400 million to Build Novgorod University Campus

n 19 March, Acron and the Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University signed an agreement to finance the construction of a campus on the territory of the university’s Intelligent Electronics – Valdai Innovative Scientific and Technological Centre. The ceremony was attended by Governor of Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin and Vice President of Acron Vladimir Kantor.

As part of the agreement, Acron will invest RUB 400 million in the construction of a gated community for faculty members of Novgorod University. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Novgorod region administration. The community, which will be home to the university's research and teaching staff, will include children’s playgrounds and walking areas.

Mr Nikitin thanked Acron's management for the Company’s commitment to the life and development of the Novgorod region.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov, emphasised that participation in key regional social initiatives is a priority for the Company. ‘Acron needs qualified specialists and therefore contributes to a pleasant social environment. The project will run for four years, and Acron will spend RUB 100 million a year on building accommodation for scientists who come to Veliky Novgorod from all over the country and abroad. We completed a similar project at Acron a few years ago, building three residencies for promising young employees. The plan worked because available housing is a critical issue for many people. Our investment in this project will be broader and deeper. We are investing in scientists who will train new professionals for the industry. In a few years, these young people will join Acron and make our team even stronger’.

President of Novgorod University Yury Borovikov said: ‘A new campus will be our advantage for attracting highly qualified staff to Novgorod’s science and education. Prominent faculty members from our university who are influential academics will live in the community. The project aims to create a comfortable environment for them and their families. Talented scientists will have every opportunity to continue their research in Novgorod region without having to worry about housing. We are currently developing a master plan and hope to start construction in the summer of 2024’.

Acron and Novgorod State University have been partners for over ten years, with Acron funding several new degree courses and programmes demanded by the Company. More than 60 Acron’s employees are currently taking extramural course at the university. The Company’s experts participate in developing curricula, hold practical sessions and arrange guided tours for the students. Students receive a monthly scholarship from Acron during their coursework and internship.

In 2022, Acron and the Leading Engineering School (LES) of Novgorod University signed a three-year agreement to allocate RUB 100 million annually to fund LES projects. LES designs new automation systems, field devices, software, and data collection and analysis tools for Acron. Since 2023, LES has been implementing an advanced engineering training programme focused on individual educational pathways.