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Dorogobuzh Scaling Up Process Equipment Monitoring System

Acron Group continues implementing a mobile solution for time-efficient monitoring of industrial equipment at Dorogobuzh (Smolensk region), this time for the nitric acid operations.

Used by the division’s repair and maintenance personnel, the mobile app helps promptly collect, store and process the results of periodic equipment inspections, both online and offline. This digital solution automatically transmits the collected data array, ensures that it is stored and processed in a consolidated system, and provides real-time monitoring and analysis of the current condition of the process equipment.

The use of NFC tags on industrial equipment reduces the inspection time and increases the accuracy of data, helping operators to perform better and detect defects in the equipment and devices in a timely manner. All this improves the equipment stability and reliability, ensuring a high level of industrial safety.

Dorogobuzh employees from the IT Department and other engineering units carried out the Mobile Patrol scale-up (equipment installation and adjustment, fine-tuning of the automation system and personnel training). Now, 600 NFC tags for mobile app are installed on the process equipment, 33 terminals used by over 150 specialists are in operation. Inspections are conducted using Zebra and M3 Mobile equipment.

Roman Dmitriev, Dorogobuzh’s Executive Director, said, ‘Since the Mobile Patrol has performed so well at Dorogobuzh’s ammonia unit, it was a natural step to scale it up to our core divisions. The Mobile Patrol system is already operating in the nitric acid, AN and NPK units, and we plan to introduce it to other operations.