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Dorogobuzh Registers Twelve New NPK Brands

In 2023, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) significantly expanded its portfolio of complex mineral fertilisers. At the year end, the procedure for state registration of 12 new NPK brands was completed, and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture issued the registration certificate.

Along with traditional nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – all the new products contain 4% to 17% of sulphur, making NPK more effective. Five brands also contain magnesium, which improves plant growth and development, frost and drought resistance, and immunity to fungal diseases. Another sulphur-enriched NPK contains zinc, which increases starch, sugar, protein, and vitamin C in the crop.

The new fertiliser brands are registered in accordance with the Federal Law No. 109-FZ On the Safe Handling of Pesticides and Agrochemicals and included in the State Catalogue of Pesticides and Agrochemicals Permitted for Application in the Russian Federation for an indefinite period.

Elena Potkalova, Head of the Quality Control and Technology Research Centre at Dorogobuzh, commented, ‘In response to the market needs, Dorogobuzh is working tirelessly to expand its product portfolio. In 2023, we registered twice as many new brands as in 2022, attracting more customers and entering new market segments. Our wide range of NPK brands allows farmers to choose the most appropriate mineral nutrition system for their crops and provides the Russian agro-industrial complex with multi-nutrient fertilisers containing an optimal set of elements’.