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Dorogobuzh Allocates RUB 50 million to Overhaul Infectious Disease Ward in Dorogobuzh District Central Hospital

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) invested approximately RUB 50 million in the overhaul of the infectious disease ward as part of an agreement signed between the Company and the Smolensk region administration in the autumn of 2023, aimed at promoting the welfare of residents of Dorogobuzh district, Smolensk region.

Under the agreement, Dorogobuzh will provide financial support of RUB 150 million between 2024 and 2026 to address pressing healthcare, educational, and cultural issues and create comfortable living conditions for Dorogobuzh district residents.

The Company’s employees have outlined the scope of work, developed a design project and detailed engineering documentation, selected a specialised construction company, and are constantly monitoring the work progress. Built in 1970, the ward will undergo its first overhaul, including the replacement of all engineering systems (ventilation, electricity, water supply, and drainage), the construction of a new roof, and extensive repairs to all premises, covering a total of 500 square metres. A ventilated facade and coloured entrances will give the building a modern look. The project also includes the landscaping of the surrounding area. Dorogobuzh will purchase and install ward furniture and sanitary equipment. Under the agreement with the contractor, the overhaul is scheduled for completion this summer.

During an official visit to Dorogobuzh district, Smolensk Region Governor Vasily Anokhin inspected the site where the dismantling of worn-out structures and utilities is underway. He approved the progress of the renovation and stressed its importance for local residents.

Roman Dmitriev, Dorogobuzh Executive Director, said, ‘We have started to implement the first major project under our agreement with the Smolensk region administration. During the overhaul of the ward, we will apply the integrated approach to repairs of socially important facilities in Dorogobuzh district, which was previously tested during the renovation of the equestrian centre of the district children’s and youth sports school. The Company has been supporting the Central Regional Hospital for many years, recognising its vital role in maintaining the quality of life for the people of Dorogobuzh district. I met with Vasily Anokhin, Governor of Smolensk region, at the overhaul site, and we discussed further steps to implement our cooperation agreement. We believe that that we will be able to start repairing the main building of the hospital this year’.