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Dorogobuzh to Invest RUB 250 Millon to Renovate Summer Camp

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) will invest RUB 250 million in the renovation of its Lastochka summer camp in Smolensk region.

In recent years, more than 900 children have attended the Lastochka camp over four summer sessions each year. The Company always provides a portion of the camp vouchers for distribution by the Smolensk region Social Development Department as part of the social partnership agreement. Lastochka welcomes not only children and grandchildren of Dorogobuzh’s employees, but also children in difficult life circumstances, from low-income and single-parent families. The third and fourth themed sessions usually bring together active and creative members of local children’s and youth public associations and young athletes. Starting this year, Lastochka plans to offer five fourteen-day sessions.

‘Social support for employees is a key element of Acron Group’s sustainable development policy’, said the Company’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky. ‘It includes healthcare and medical services, insurance, professional training and career development, healthy lifestyle, and, of course, benefits for employees’ children with recreational programmes at the Lastochka summer camp as an important element of the social package. Over the past five years, we have spent more than RUB 75 million on maintaining, developing and upgrading the camp, and we plan to invest another RUB 250 million in renovations by 2027’.

As part of the investment programme, three new dormitories and a health unit are scheduled for completion in 2024.

Three residential blocks and a medical centre building are scheduled for completion in 2024.

Lastochka summer camp was built in 1966 and is located in a picturesque forest on the shore of Lake Rubezhnoye in Dorogobuzh district, Smolensk region.