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Dorogobuzh Wins Regional Stage of Federal Socially Responsible Russian Companies Competition

The Smolensk region administration held an award ceremony to honour the winners of regional occupational safety contests and the regional stage of the national competition called Socially Responsible Russian Companies.

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) won first prize for its social investments and charitable programmes that contribute to regional development.

In 2022, the Company allocated RUB 67.3 million to charity and the social and economic development of Smolensk region.

This year, Vitaly Shorokhov, Head of the Industrial, Occupational, and Environmental Safety Department at Dorogobuzh, received a commemorative badge and a certificate of recognition from the governor of Smolensk region for the Company’s high efficiency in addressing social matters and the victory at the regional stage of the national Socially Responsible Russian Companies competition in 2023.

The governor also sent a letter of recognition to Evgeny Krasnoshchekov, Head of the Company’s Industrial Aesthetics Shop, for his dedicated work, professionalism, and excellence at the regional stage of the 2023 competition.

Vita Khomutova, Deputy Chair of the Government of Smolensk region, said, ‘The winners of the competition showed high occupational safety results and their commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles among employees, addressing social matters, and implementing charitable programmes’.

During the award ceremony, Ms Khomutova gave letters of recognition from Smolensk region governor Vasily Anokhin and engraved commemorative badges to Tatyana Baranova, an electrical equipment repair and maintenance electrician at Dorogobuzh’s power supply shop, and Sergey Naumenko, an evaporation and granulation apparatus operator at the NPK shop at the Company’s mineral fertiliser production unit, who won the regional 2022 Best Occupational Safety Officer contest.

Dorogobuzh has repeatedly won the regional stage of the national Socially Responsible Russian Companies competition and has been recognised for finding solutions to local social issues and promoting corporate charity, providing the best working conditions at a production company for employees with families, and promoting healthy lifestyles at a production company.

The Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has held the competition since 2000 to recognise the best HR policies and the best practices in improving working conditions, preventing workplace injuries, promoting healthy lifestyles, and investing in the well-being of the residents of companies’ footprint regions.