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North-Western Phosphorous Company Opens Technical Mineralogy Laboratory at Murmansk Arctic University

A technical mineralogy training laboratory has been opened at the Murmansk Arctic University (MAU) branch in Apatity as part of co-operation programme between NWPC and MAU.

The new laboratory is equipped with modern microscopes, laptops, a geological map, and collection of minerals and core samples from exploration drill holes. Here, the MAU students will solve production cases and study the properties of various mineral deposits.

Irina Molchanova, NWPC Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Personnel noted that NWPC is a strategic partner of MAU and one of the major employers in Murmansk region. ‘Today we are opening our first joint laboratory to train future geologists and miners. We plan to expand this initiative and launch an IT laboratory as early as next year, since IT professionals are in high demand in the mining sector’, she said.

Olga Ostrovskaya, Director of the MAU’s Apatity branch, believes that geologists’ knowledge and expertise are crucial to the exploration and development of mineral deposits, ensuring sustainable and lasting resource extraction. ‘Given the general shortage of human resources, local mining companies are in great need of highly skilled geology and mining specialists. The new laboratory has all the modern equipment and visual materials to train such personnel in accordance with academic and industry standards and to host more than thirty laboratory sessions. We are very grateful to the management of NWPC for creating an opportunity to train in-demand professionals, helping students gain practical knowledge and find employment after graduation’.

NWPC and MAU are long-standing partners. Over the past three years, 66 MAU students have completed internship at NWPC, while the Company’s employees are involved in the MAU curriculum as members of the assessment board, lecturers, and research advisors. There are currently 222 MAU graduates working at NWPC, representing over 10% of NWPC’s total staff.