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Acron to Present Cutting-Edge Agrotechnologies at YugAgro Trade Show

Acron Group, a Russian vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producer, is a sponsor of the 30th YugAgro-2023 international trade show held in Krasnodar on 21–24 November 2023.

Acron’s stand displays the full range of mineral fertilisers produced by its facilities, including brands used on all types of soils and in all Russian climatic zones, as well as NPK brands with additional nutrients.

Additionally, Acron experts present Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (CN), a high quality, effective and environmentally friendly product, a premium fertiliser already popular with growers. Granulated and readily soluble in water, CN is rich in calcium oxide (26.6%), contains two forms of nitrogen and no insoluble impurities. It is suitable for both greenhouse and fertigation applications.

YugAgro guests will have an opportunity to attend the Russia’s Agriculture: Modern Technologies seminar hosted by Acron Group on 23 November 2023 at the Expograd Yug exhibition and congress complex (conference hall 2.1).

During the seminar, leading experts in the segment will address the acute issues of agricultural management. Acron specialists will present the Group’s new mineral fertilisers and advanced Russian technologies to grow the most important crops. They will also discuss the successful case of winter wheat production in Kursk region. The chief agronomist of Kubris (a member of Acron Group’s Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding) will share the experience of using advanced technologies to produce and store winter wheat. The seminar will also feature guest speakers from the Lukyanenko National Grain Centre, August, and Complex-Agro.

At the Group’s stand, YugAgro-2023 participants and guests can get an expert advice from specialists in fertiliser sales and agronomy. Based on the nutrition system developed by Acron, they will help choose the optimal fertilisers for different soils and climates and calculate fertiliser application rates and schedules.

Acron supplies its products to Russia’s 78 regions and offers agribusiness support services. In the first ten months of 2023, the Group’s mineral fertiliser sales on the domestic market totalled 1.3 million tonnes. Providing Russian growers with high quality fertilisers remains a top priority.

Acron Group owns and operates its own distribution network Agronova, which comprises ten agrochemical companies and ensures a direct access to product consumers in the main farming regions of the country. Agronova’s branches provide services for the storage, sale and delivery of mineral fertilisers. The distribution network has a total storage capacity of 189,000 tonnes.