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Acron Tests Ammonium Calcium Nitrate on Tomatoes at ECO-Culture Agro-Industrial Holding

Acron Group has completed industrial trials of its premium product – Grade A Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (CN) – on greenhouse tomatoes.

The trials were conducted at the Gifts of Nature greenhouse facility, a member of the ECO-Culture Agro-Industrial Holding, one of Russia’s largest producers and investors in the greenhouse vegetable segment. Its high-tech, advanced greenhouse facilities have a year-round production cycle.

The trials covered several cherry tomato hybrids on 3.2 ha and included the visual inspection of the vegetables and two agro-chemical analysis of the nutrient solution and substrate extract to assess the effectiveness of CN application.

The trial results proved that CN is 100% water-soluble. The agro-chemical analysis of the nutrient solution demonstrated the compliance with the formula and design values.

In general, the crop remained stable throughout the trial period with no signs of calcium deficiency or excess. The trial details are available in Russian here.

According to the trial results, Acron’s Grade A CN meets the technical requirements for application in hydroponic systems to grow tomatoes and has excellent quality characteristics.

Acron Group launched the granulated CN unit at its Veliky Novgorod production facility in August 2022, and this year decided to expand the output to 200,000 tpa.

For many years, growers in Russia and abroad have chosen CN because it is highly effective and safe, perfectly soluble in water, has a high calcium content and no insoluble impurities.

You can learn more about the product and get expert advice at Acron’s stand (D415, Pavilion 4) at the YugAgro agricultural trade show from 21 November through 24 November 2023.