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Dorogobuzh Continues Development of Ammonia Production

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) has completed a RUB 400 million project to integrate a 50-tph steam boiler into the ammonia process. Acron Engineering Research and Design Centre (a member of Acron Group) prepared the design documentation.

The new equipment will make the operations more reliable and allow the Company to develop its own power generation capacity in Smolensk region. Under normal conditions, natural gas consumption per tonne of steam is 73 m3.

Evgeni Volkov, the project manager and deputy chief engineer at Dorogobuzh, said: ‘The project is based on completely new technical solutions. The steam generated will not only be used in the ammonia process, but will also be a source for a new project to build a turbine generator, which will increase the unit’s power generation capacity to 14 MW’.

The Dorogobuzh ammonia unit was commissioned in 1979. In 2019, the Company completed a major project to upgrade its ammonia production facilities.