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Dorogobuzh Donates 1,500 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers to Smolensk Growers

Every year, Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) donates its products to Smolensk farmers for sowing campaigns. In 2023, it provided local agricultural enterprises with 1,500 tonnes of mineral fertilisers worth more than RUB 32 million.

At the request of the regional governor Vasily Anokhin, Dorogobuzh expedited the delivery of fertilisers.

Mr Anokhin thanked Dorogobuzh’s management for the targeted support of local farmers, noting that yields in the region will increase with the application of nitrogen and complex fertilisers.

Acron Group’s Vice President Vladimir Kantor said, ‘Dorogobuzh has supported the local growers for over two decades. In 2001–2023, the Company donated approximately 40,000 tonnes of fertilisers, including 13,000 tonnes of NPK and 27,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. In the past five years, our charitable contributions to Smolensk farmers exceeded RUB 116 million’.

This spring, Dorogobuzh delivered 700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and 300 tonnes of NPK free of charge to 138 farms in the region to support spring sowing campaign.

The Company provided 500 tonnes of NPK free of charge to 53 local growers for the autumn sowing campaign. Sychyovsky and Pochinkovsky municipal districts designated the largest areas for winter crops: 15,000 hectares and 14,000 hectares respectively. As a result, they received most of the fertilisers donated by Dorogobuzh. Rudnyansky, Safonovsky, Smolensky and Gagarinsky municipal districts, which plan to sow winter crops on 4,000–4,500 hectares, are also among the major recipients of Dorogobuzh fertilisers.

The Sodeistvie Association of Agricultural Enterprises and Cooperatives, which unites 36 agricultural companies in 15 districts of Smolensk region, received 125 tonnes of fertilisers.

In 2023, 71,400 hectares were sown with winter crops to be harvested in 2024. Traditionally, local farmers sow mainly winter wheat and winter rapeseed, as well as some winter rye.

Around 160,000 hectares of cereals, almost 19,000 hectares of rapeseed and 1,800 hectares of potatoes and outdoor vegetables were sown in 2023. The average cereal yield is 2.56 tonnes per hectare, the same as last year, while the average vegetable yield increased 7% year-on-year to 25.49 tonnes per hectare.