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Dorogobuzh Donates RUB3 Million Multi-Functional Play Equipment

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) invested more than RUB3 million in a new playground facility and donated it to the town of Dorogobuzh.

Multi-functional play structures were installed on Mira Street to replace the old Mishutka playground donated by the Company in 2009 as part of its charitable initiatives. Located near four large apartment blocks, a preschool, and one of the biggest schools in the neighbourhood, the playground is a very popular place for children of all ages to spend active leisure time.

The new playground facility is an attractive public space with stall bars, rope ladders, straight and spiral tube and half-tube slides, tunnels, pull-up bars, and corkscrew climbers. Instead of sand, the playground is surfaced with safe, porous, quick-drying, and aesthetically pleasing rubber tiles.

The Company’s industrial aesthetics shop also repaired fences, sandboxes, and benches.

In the run-up to opening the playground, the Company’s management and employees, municipal authorities, local council officials, and volunteers from Dorogobuzh district did a community clean-up, pruned trees, removed dry grass and litter. The Company provided all necessary equipment.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dorogobuzh’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky, Executive Director Roman Dmitriev, Deputy Executive Director for Administration Marat Sabirov, Head of the Department for Social Programmes and Production Standards Alexander Chernenkov, and members of the Dorogobuzh district administration and Duma.

‘We hope the Dorogobuzh playground will remain attractive for children and let them and their parents have a good time’, said Vladimir Kunitsky at the ceremony.

Dorogobuzh is consistently focused on social sustainability of Dorogobuzh district. Since 2017, the Company has annually signed social partnership agreements with the district administration, investing in education, culture, sports, and infrastructure.