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Acron Presents Saratov Region Growers with Best Solutions for Raising Durum Wheat

Acron Group held a workshop on the Best Durum Wheat Cultivation Solutions in cooperation with the Southeast Federal Agriculture Research Centre. The event took place on 14 December in Saratov and was attended by over 50 of the region’s leading agricultural companies and growers. 

The main focus of the workshop was on developing and implementing the best processes for cultivating durum wheat for high-quality pasta in Saratov region. 

Acron has been conducting field tests of its NPK 16-16-16 and NP 22-15+17SO3 fertilisers for durum wheat in Saratov region over the past three years. Application of the NPK 16-16-16 brand under optimal conditions improved profitability 18% compared to cultivation without fertilisers. The yield produced with the best treatment was 27% higher than the average yield in Saratov region. Application of NP 22-15+17SO3 contributed to 8% higher profitability and produced high-quality grains of spring durum wheat containing up to 36% gluten. 

The workshop was also attended by Acron’s partners. A representative of the National Association of Pasta Producers reported on the qualitative characteristics of grain used for pasta production. Specialists from the Southeast Federal Agriculture Research Centre and Agroliga Russia Group spoke about modern varieties of durum wheat, and an employee of the August company presented a system for protecting durum wheat in the climatic conditions in Volga region.