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Acron Complex Fertilizers Prove Effective in Kenya

Acron Group demonstrated effectiveness of premium Unicereal NPK fertilizer brands during the Field Day that took place in Kitale, Kenya, in September 2022. Unicereal is a new fertilizer portfolio represented by Unicereal Planting and Unicereal Top Dressing brands produced by Acron for Kenyan farmers.

The event brought together more than 200 farmers, government representatives, and experts from the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). Agronomists told farmers about benefits of Unicereal NPK fertilizers as illustrated by the maize yield produced at Mr. Koros’ advanced farm in Endebess, Trans Nzoia County. The farmer is quite impressed with the results: using Unicereal NPK, he produced 70 bags of maize per acre, 25–30% more than the average yield he used to produce with blended fertilizers. Mr. Koros highlighted the importance of applying NPK instead of traditional DAP fertilizers.

Mr. Juma, a farmer who has been applying Unicereal NPK, said, “Ever since I saw the effect of Unicereal fertilizers on this farm, I am never looking back but always ahead with Unicereal fertilizers. In Bungoma, Kenya, the highest someone can get was 15 bags per acre, and I got 30% more than that using Unicereal Fertilizers.”

During the Field Day, farmers learned that Unicereal planting and top dressing fertilizers are designed specifically to grow maize in Kenya:
  • Unlike other fertilizer forms, they are non-acidifying.
  • Due to a unique nitrophosphate technology, they offer an optimal balance between nitrate and ammonium nitrogen.
  • These crop-specific fertilizers contain up to seven nutrients essential for maize, such as zinc, sulphur, calcium, boron and magnesium.
  • Unicereal fertilizers provide higher net returns to farmers.
Maria Nzomo, Trans Nzoia County CEC Member in Charge of Agriculture, encouraged more public/private partnerships introducing new technologies to farmers, such as the partnership between Acron and Unifert Kenya Limited and the County Government of Trans Nzoia.
Dr. Esther Gikonyo from KALRO emphasised the importance of soil testing and using effective fertilizers based on the soil test results, and invited farmers to prioritize NPK rather than DAP usage.

Agriculture is a key area of Kenyan economy, with maize being a staple food for millions of Kenyans. Trans Nzoia famous for its maize farms is Kenya’s food basket. Acron and Unifert Kenya Limited help develop regional agriculture by introducing innovative growing techniques.
Acron’s Vice President Overseas Dmitry Khabrat commented:

“Unicereal fertilizers containing additional nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, and sulphur, contribute to producing higher crop yields and improving soil health, to ensure abundant yields across the country.

Acron has been providing Kenyan farmers with top-quality fertilizers for many years and plans to strengthen its position on the continent. The company’s increasing presence in the region proves the effectiveness of the unique products that benefit hundreds of maize growers.”