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Acron Gives RUB 1 Million in Grants to Best Local Teachers

Acron Group awarded grants to the best teachers in Veliky Novgorod as part of a programme called Achieving Success in Education and Career with Acron. This was the fifth time the Group funded the grants in association with the Veliky Novgorod education committee.

This year, the cash award worth RUB 1,080,000 was split between chemistry, physics, and mathematics teachers.

The jury chose Olga Stepanova from School 2, Aleksandr Ivanov from School 36, and Aksana Skudina from University Gymnasium 1 as the best physics teachers. The top chemistry teachers were Svetlana Matveeva from School 26, Irina Nechaeva from School 36, and Natalia Zhuravleva from Gymnasium 3. Irina Vasilieva from Gymnasium 4, Anna Semenova from Garmonia Gymnasium, and Elena Fotina from Evrika Gymnasium were named the best mathematics teachers.

Maria Golovkina, head of human resources at Veliky Novgorod-based Acron, noted that Acron has invested in the local education system for a number of years. ‘Our grant programme was introduced to motivate both teachers and students to work toward professions in demand with the Company. We are committed to educating chemists in school and beyond so that they can find good jobs in the region and with our Company’.

The grant programme was established in 2017 to encourage teachers to motivate students to go deeper with the subjects in demand at Acron. In order to be eligible, teachers had to submit evidence of methodological research in their subject, records of their students’ academic achievement, the number of students who passed their final state examinations, and students’ level of engagement in extracurricular activities. Winners may spend 50% of the prize fund on personal needs, 30% on infrastructure, equipment, and materials for their classrooms, and 20% on improving their professional skills.