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Acron Launches Calcium Nitrate Unit

Acron Group has launched a 100,000-tpa unit to produce granulated calcium nitrate at its facility in Veliky Novgorod. The Group invested approximately RUB1.5 billion in this project.

Calcium nitrate is a crystalline salt extensively used as fertiliser. It easily dissolves in water, contains a high percentage of calcium (19%) and is free of insoluble impurities. Calcium nitrate is applied to various types of soil but proved to be most effective for sod-podzolic soil.

Acron uses liquid calcium nitrate, a by-product of apatite concentrate processing at NPK operations, as feedstock for this new fertiliser and plans to produce its various brands for industry and agriculture. The agriculture-grade calcium nitrate will include fertilisers for soil application and water-soluble products popular in the greenhouse segment.

The new fertiliser is stored in a specially equipped warehouse, from where it is shipped to customers by rail and by road in bags, stretch-hoods, and big bags.

Acron’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky welcomed the launch of the calcium nitrate unit: ‘We have expanded our portfolio with this top-quality premium product, which is both highly effective and eco-friendly. It also helps us boost the potential of our NPK operations by creating new processing opportunities’.