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Acron Group Scales Up Warehouse Management System

Acron Group, one of the leading mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and globally, is introducing an automated warehouse management system (WMS) at its Dorogobuzh site in Smolensk region.

This project – currently one of the Group’s top six IT projects – is part of a comprehensive programme to upgrade Dorogobuzh’s warehouses. The WMS streamlines warehouse operations by automating management processes.

The system was introduced at the central warehouse for Dorogobuzh’s assembly shop. To ensure smooth operation, the Group’s engineers adjusted own WMS solution to meet Dorogobuzh’s specific needs, developed a warehouse topology, and launched mobile terminals for warehouse employees.

As part of the WMS project, Dorogobuzh renovated building No 585, replacing its roofing, flooring, and wall structures, and installed new storage racks, lighting sets, warning systems, and video surveillance. In addition, the Company purchased two new loaders and updated the administrative building.

‘We upgraded the central warehouse in 2021, and bringing in the WMS was one of the key targets of the project’, said Pavel Simakov, Dorogobuzh’s Deputy Executive Director and Chief Engineer. ‘We completed all the preparations in April 2022 and finished labelling and integrated the first warehouse facilities into the system. With the WMS in operation, we can improve stock turnover and enhance logistic processes. This system has already proved itself at the Veliky Novgorod site’.

The WMS will be fully operational at all of the Dorogobuzh facility’s warehouses by the end of September 2022.