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150 Dorogobuzh Employees Receive Awards on Chemist's Day

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) celebrated Chemist’s Day with a week of sporting, educational, and cultural events for the Company’s employees and their families.

The Dorogobuzh Cultural Centre organised a chemistry-themed quiz, and the town of Verkhnedneprovsky hosted a trail orienteering game.

Top Dorogobuzh employees received awards at the official ceremony held on 27 May at the Chemist Cultural Centre. Roman Dmitriev, Dorogobuzh’s Executive Director, and Igor Gulitsky, president of the primary trade union organisation and a member of the Smolensk Region Duma, presented employees with letters of appreciation and certificates of merit issued by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture, the office of the Smolensk Region Governor, the Smolensk Region Government and the Dorogobuzh Municipal Administration. Photos of the 14 top employees were displayed on the staff recognition board, and ten names were added to the Company’s recognition book. In addition, over 150 employees received various awards.

‘Dorogobuzh is a leading chemical company and one of the largest taxpayers in Smolensk region. It also makes significant investments in social infrastructure, Mr Dmitriev said. ‘The Company’s successful performance contributes to progress in the city and its districts’.

On 28 May, Chemist’s Day celebrations took place in Verkhnedneprovsky with a programme that included a variety of sports. Men’s volleyball teams participated in the Dorogobuzh Open Championship. The local football ground hosted the Dorogobuzh Kids Minifootball Cup and a friendly game between the local Dnepr Club and the Stal Club from Yartsevo. Dnepr also played against the Tekhlit Football Club from Vyazma at the Dnepr Stadium in a regular season game of the Smolensk Region Championship. Exciting sports games were organised for local children.

Various celebrations and shows for children were held in the square in front of the Cultural Centre, featuring performances by entertainers from Smolensk, the Rhythm wind band, and local creative teams. The programme also included a family sidewalk chalk art festival. In addition, representatives of the Dorogobuzh Youth Council opened an award ceremony for graduating members of the children’s creative clubs from the Dorogobuzh Cultural Centre.

The celebrations closed with performances by the Al Dente cover band and the renowned folk music group Kudesy.