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Acron to Build Ambient-temperature Liquid Ammonia Warehouse

PJSC Acron (a member of Acron Group) will invest approximately RUB 300 million in the construction of an ambient-temperature liquid ammonia warehouse at its Veliky Novgorod site.

The design calls for installation of pumps and pipelines for ten 200-m³ tanks near the existing tank car loading rack. To ensure the highest safety standards, the storage site will be surrounded with an in-situ reinforced concrete retaining wall equipped with protective systems.

Acron’s senior deputy executive director and chief engineer, Mikhail Yaskevich, explained that the new warehouse project was a necessary response to the Company’s modernisation of the existing capacity, output increase, and product range expansion. ‘We also expect this project to reduce energy costs by allowing us to store ammonia at 16–18°С instead of cooling it down to −32°С. The new facility will be used mainly to upload, store, and supply ambient-temperature liquid ammonia to the urea production site, where it is used as an input’.

Uncooled ammonia from the new warehouse will only be used for urea production. The Company currently operates isothermal storage units, where incoming ambient-temperature ammonia is cooled before being supplied to production shops.
The launch of the new warehouse is scheduled for 2022.