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Dorogobuzh Increases AN Shipping Capacity by 50%

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) commissioned a new big-bag ammonium nitrate shipping unit. With this expansion, Dorogobuzh will boost its shipments of packaged AN by half.

The new twin unit is capable of handling 500-1,250 kg big bags, with a design output of up to 26 gondola cars per day. This is double the output of the facility’s other units and increases AN shipment capacity 50% to a total of 74 gondola cars per day.

‘We launched this project to serve our increased ammonium nitrate output following a technical upgrade of the production site’, said Roman Korzinkin, head of Dorogobuzh’s mineral fertiliser shipping unit.

The shipping unit consists of four functional zones for preparing gondola cars, filling big bags, loading, and dispatching cars. Unlike older units that ship four gondola cars per trip, the new unit ships eight cars, reducing shunting operations and contributing to more efficient use of rolling stock.

The project was launched using experience gained from operating the existing units, which led the Company to improve a dosing system. The new dosing unit supports a continuous packaging cycle, further accelerating the shipping process. Accurate dosing avoids product loss and minimises production costs. In addition, the shipping process is now better and faster with a new electrical unit for sealing big bags, and the remote-control loading crane makes operations safer.

With the commissioning of the new unit, Dorogobuzh can now ship over 100 gondola cars of packaged products per day.