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Acron Recognises Best Chemistry and Physics Teachers in Veliky Novgorod

In association with the education committee of the Veliky Novgorod administration, Acron awarded grants to the best chemistry and physics teachers in Veliky Novgorod for the fourth time as part of a programme called Achieving Success in Education and Career with Acron.

The grant programme was established in 2017 to encourage teachers to motivate students to go deeper with physics and chemistry. In order to be eligible, teachers had to submit evidence of methodological research in their subject, their students’ academic achievement, the number of students who passed their final state examinations, and students’ level of engagement in extracurricular activities for chemistry and physics. The total annual prize fund is RUB 720,000.

The grant competition included two nominations: Best Physics Teacher 2021 and Best Chemistry Teacher 2021. The jury chose Tatiana Konstantinova from School 13, Svetlana Kuzmich from the Istok Gymnasium, Elena Smirnova from the Boarding Lyceum, and Nadezhda Fedorova from the Novoschool Gymnasium as the best physics teachers. The Best Chemistry Teacher 2021 award was presented to Tatiana Dmitrieva from the Harmony Gymnasium, Tatiana Passerova from School 13, and Elena Suchilina from the Boarding Lyceum. Under the rules, a winner may spend 50% of the prize fund on personal needs, 30% on infrastructure, equipment, and materials for their classrooms, and 20% on improving their professional skills.

Olga Babina, head of human resources at Veliky Novgorod-based Acron, expressed hope that these grants would help train highly qualified and motivated specialists for Acron. ‘Our support for schools in Veliky Novgorod proves our commitment to the ESG principles. We have a long-standing tradition of close cooperation with secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the region, providing graduates with opportunities to show their skills, find employment, and build a career at our Company’.

‘We appreciate our partnership with Acron. Four years ago, we couldn’t imagine that this project would succeed. But now I can state with confidence that Acron is a strategic partner of Veliky Novgorod’s educational institutions’, said Irina Shanaeva, head of the education committee of the Veliky Novgorod administration.

In 2021, Acron allocated RUB 6 million to upgrade chemistry classrooms in School 2, School 13, and the Boarding Lyceum under its social and economic cooperation agreement with the Novgorod regional government.