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Acron Successfully Completes NPK Testing in Argentina

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, and Argentina’s National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA) have completed an NPK field study for the most important crops in the Pampas, Argentina.

The two-year trials, launched in 2019 and 2020, proved that Acron Group’s complex mineral fertilisers are efficient for promoting crop growth and development.

Acron fertilisers containing sulphur performed significantly better agronomically and economically compared to traditional fertilisers.

Application of NP 22-15-17SO3 and NP 22-20-5SO3 worked well for formation of filled grain with a balanced ratio of endosperm and bran. Thousand grain mass was 3-6% higher than with traditional fertiliser brands. With high yields and excellent grain quality, growers’ net profit increased 5-9% compared with the traditional system of mineral fertiliser application.

Soybeans, a key crop in Argentina, are very demanding for mineral nutrition. Application of NP 22-15-17SO3 had the best impact on forming nitrogen-fixing nodules in comparison with other fertiliser brands, which is indirect proof of the Acron brand’s optimal nutrient ratio. Thousand grain mass was 7-14% higher than with traditional fertiliser brands. Economic efficiency of applying Acron fertilisers translated into high profits (up 16-21%) compared with the local nutrition system.

Application of NP 22-20-5SO3 and NP 22-15-17SO3 in combination with UAN+S during the first trial year demonstrated higher grain yields (up 8%) than with traditional fertilisers. Further tests of the Acron nutrition system will help create an optimal balance between yield and economic performance.

Using Acron fertilisers significantly improves agronomic and economic performance compared with the traditional methods for growing grain and soybeans.

The improved quality of corn kernels, intensive formation of soybeans, and higher yields of winter wheat all point to the optimal balance of nutrients in such brands as NP 22-15-17SO3 and NP 22-20-5SO3, making them an efficient solution for growing key crops in Argentina.