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Acron Class Graduates Receive Master’s Degrees at Russian State Agrarian University

Acron, one of the leading mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and globally, participated in an award ceremony at the Russian State Agrarian University where Acron Class students received their Master’s Degrees.

Acron supported establishment of the Acron Class, a research laboratory for Russian State Agrarian University students who pursue degrees in Agronomy. In 2021, Acron employees arranged a number of theoretical and practical trainings and supervised students working on graduation theses in Agronomy and Biotechnology. Working with professors and graduate students, Acron developed a new method using its mineral fertilisers to cultivate a promising variety of wheat called Golubka, which will be presented for state crop variety testing in 2022.

‘The course Acron arranged on fertiliser market trends was the most exciting one’, master’s degree recipient Alina Marenkova said in her graduation speech. ‘Acron’s employees consulted with us and reviewed our master’s theses, which gave us valuable practical experience’.

‘Acron Class students have access to cutting-edge data on mineral fertiliser application techniques and methods to improve complex fertiliser efficiency,’ explained Sergei Belopukhov, Head of the Agrobiotechnology Institute at the Russian State Agrarian University. ‘They learn about Acron's advanced research activities in developing new fertiliser brands and reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment. The students study the advanced agricultural technologies used by Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding, including the use of precision agriculture and digital technologies to improve agricultural operations’.

The students’ research results will be tested at fields operated by Plodorodie Agribusiness Holding (a member of Acron Group) in Orlov, Saratov, and Nizhny Novgorod Regions, as well as in Krasnodar Krai.