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Share Buyback Report

   On 11 August 2021, Acron’s Board of Directors approved the report on shares tendered to Acron by its shareholders.

The total number of the tendered shares was 3,776,844 or 9.32 % of Acron’s charter capital, including all 3,347,146 quasi-treasury shares tendered by Acron’s subsidiaries. This means that once the share buyback is complete, Acron Group will no longer have quasi-treasury shares.

The repurchased shares shall be paid on or before 21 August 2021.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov commented on the results: ‘As part of our ESG strategy and in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and international best practices, we are streamlining Acron’s corporate structure and removing its quasi-treasury shares. Decision on the future of the resulting treasury stock will be made later. Russian law requires that it be cancelled or sold within one year’.