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Acron Group to Sponsor Ryazan Region Agriculture Day

Acron Group will sponsor the registration area at Ryazan Region Agriculture Day, a trade show focusing on agro-industry innovation. 

The Group will exhibit a broad range of mineral fertilisers produced by Acron (Veliky Novgorod) and Dorogobuzh (Smolensk region), including all-purpose fertilisers for all types of soil in all climatic regions of the country and NPK brands containing additional nutrients that help Russian farmers harvest excellent yields of healthy crops. 

Attendees will also see the Group’s balanced fertiliser brands for most grain crops, corn, and potato, brands with high nitrogen content for feed crops, and brands containing additional nutrients for fruit, oil, and vegetable crops. 

The Group’s agronomists will teach sessions on how to properly apply the nutrition systems developed by the Group for different crop types in order maximally increase yields, optimise costs, and protect the environment. 

The numbers are clear about Acron Group’s support for domestic growers: between October 2020 and May 2021, Acron Group supplied Russian agricultural producers with over 930,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers ahead of the 2021 spring sowing season, up 27.2% from the same period a year earlier. In 2020, the Group shipped 1.4 million tonnes of mineral fertilisers to domestic growers, up 93% year-on-year. 

Alexander Popov, chairman of Acron Group’s board of directors, explained the thinking behind this support: ‘Each year, Acron Group increases its sales of high-quality mineral fertilisers to Russian agricultural producers, contributing to the development of Russia’s agro-industrial complex. Constant dialogue with regional agriculture ministries helps us understand the needs of domestic growers so that we can support them during the active phase of sowing. While global prices for agrochemicals are recovering, last week we announced that we are freezing the prices domestic customers pay for all our mineral fertilisers until the end of autumn sowing. The price freeze will help Russian growers meet their yield targets and gain additional competitive advantages’. 

In mid-2020, mineral fertiliser prices were down 33% year-on-year. In the period from January through May 2021, the average price of ammonium nitrate was 5.5% higher than in the same period of 2015, and the average NPK price was 10.1% higher than in the same period of 2015. 

Agronova, Acron’s distribution network in the Russian market, was established in 2005 and comprises ten specialised agrochemical facilities that ensure direct access to products in Russia’s major agricultural regions. Agronova’s units handle transportation, sales, and storage of mineral fertilisers, with total warehouse capacity of 189,000 tonnes. 

Ryazan Region Agriculture Day 2021, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ryazan region, will be held on 22-23 July at the Oka-Moloko facility near Nizhny Yakimets in Aleksandro-Nevsky district, Ryazan region. Exhibition Company Centre is the organising committee of the trade show, which is aimed at developing the region’s agro-industrial complex, establishing cooperation between regions, promoting innovative agricultural projects and new agricultural production technologies, and building contacts between institutions, companies, and investors.