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North-Western Phosphorous Company to Transfer RUB 140 Million to Kirovsk Budget

In June 2021, North-Western Phosphorus Company and the Kirovsk city administration signed their annual social and economic partnership agreement. This year, the Company will transfer more than RUB 140 million to the city budget. 

RUB 30 million of the funding will go to promote education, culture and sports in Kirovsk, modernising and renovating facilities in Koashva, purchasing equipment for Gornyak stadium, creating a barrier-free environment for disabled people, and holding events for children aimed at balanced development. 

Approximately RUB 80 million will be spent on municipal management activities in Kirovsk. Funds will be used to repair and maintain public roads, equip and maintain outdoor lighting, cover the costs of utilities and communications, and organize an evening bus route from Kirovsk to Koashva. Of this amount, more than RUB 65 million will be spent on activities proposed by NWPC’s employees, including renovating the fountains on Lenin Square, purchasing equipment for the Health Trail, renovating playgrounds, clearing unauthorized waste dumps, repairing roads, and upgrading street lighting. 

The remaining RUB 30 million will be spent on the needs of the Kirovsk Logistics and Maintenance Centre. 

NWPC CEO Yevgeny Sozinov emphasized that the latest agreement incorporates the opinions of the Company’s employees, who care for their hometown. “I would like to stress the importance of partnership in this relationship. The Company does more than hand out money. We also play a part in implementing these activities”, - Mr. Sozinov said.