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Dorogobuzh Donates over 1,000 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers to Smolensk Growers

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) donates its products to Smolensk growers to support the spring sowing campaign each year. In 2021, agricultural producers from 23 districts of Smolensk region received 1,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers from the Company.

This year, for the first time Dorogobuzh also donated 3,000 tonnes of calcium carbonate, which Smolensk growers use to chalk acid soils and improve the fertility of their fields.

The head of the Smolensk region Agriculture and Food Department, Alexander Tsarev, spoke appreciatively of the initiative. ‘The region’s agro-industrial complex is significantly supported by our productive partnership with Dorogobuzh and their provision of mineral fertilisers free of charge. We are also grateful that Smolensk growers have priority access to fertilisers during the peak season’.

In 2020, Dorogobuzh sold over 26,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers and more than 17,000 tonnes of calcium carbonate in Smolensk region and donated 1,750 tonnes of its products for spring and autumn sowing.