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NWPC to Extend Life of Oleniy Ruchey Open-Pit Mine until 2025

The Oleniy Ruchey deposit can continue open-pit mining for two years longer than originally expected following a detailed exploration of the open pit’s southwestern side by NWPC geologists. The initial plan had NWPC closing open-pit mining in 2023, but new design documentation will extend the open-pit mine’s life until 2025. According to experts, the change means that an additional 2 million tonnes of apatite-nepheline ore will be mined from the open pit southwestern side.

In March 2021, the open pit set a new production record of 770,000 tonnes. Over 1 million tonnes of ore are currently stockpiled in the storage area for further processing. This high rate of production was made possible by measures aimed at optimising cargo transportation and shortening the rock mass hauling distance.