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Viatcheslav Kantor Supports Novgorod Conservation Area to Preserve Region’s Cultural Heritage

Dr Viatcheslav Kantor, who is both the Chairman of Acron’s Coordinating Board and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Novgorod Museum Complex, is sponsoring the installation of a TRACER spectrometer at the Museum’s centre for fresco restoration and conservation.

Experts at the Museum Complex are surveying and preserving a fine collection of fragments of medieval frescoes from Novgorod’s cathedrals. New works are added to the collection each year as archaeological research and restoration operations bring additional frescoes to light.

With the new spectrometer, researchers will be able to learn more about the local frescoes and other artefacts, significantly expanding the Centre’s scientific, research, and educational activity.

Novgorod Museum Complex director Natalia Grigoryeva expressed her gratitude for the gift in a letter addressed to Dr Kantor, ‘Philanthropy has always been an honourable and respected mission in Russia. May your magnanimity and participation in the preservation of our cultural heritage pay you back many times over’.

Dr Kantor has previously been involved with a number of charitable projects in Novgorod region.

After a fire at the Oksochi care home in Novgorod region in 2013, Dr Kantor donated his personal funds to build a new residential building for the patients of the Malaya Vishera psychiatric and neurological care home in Podgornoye.

In 2019, Dr Kantor spearheaded a project to create a geriatric rehabilitation system in Novgorod region. On 4 November 2020, the War Veterans Hospital in Veliky Novgorod opened the doors to its new, modern geriatric centre, financed by Dr Kantor’s project. Additionally, geriatric primary care facilities were opened in three district seats (Staraya Russa, Borovichi, and Pestovo).