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Acron Supports Schools and Recognises Best Teachers and Winners of Academic Competitions

This is the second year in a row that Acron has contributed to upgrades to chemistry classrooms at Veliky Novgorod schools under the social and economic cooperation agreement with the city’s administration. 

This year, Acron allocated RUB 15.9 million for improvements at eight schools in Veliky Novgorod: Gymnasiums No. 3 and 4, Eureka Gymnasium, and Schools No. 10, 16, 22, 26, and 36. 

The funds were spent to repair the chemistry classrooms at these schools, purchase new furniture, modern equipment, visual aids, training hand-outs, and supplies. 

In addition, for 20 years, Acron has been recognising the winners and runners-up of the municipal stage of the All-Russian School Academic Competition in chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. The awards ceremony is called Our Hopes. 

This year, 45 students and 31 teachers received gifts. 

The ceremony is usually held at the Acron Cultural Centre, but due to the pandemic representatives of Acron’s HR department visited the winners’ schools: Boarding Lyceum, Gymnasiums No. 1, 2, and 4, Istok and Harmony Gymnasiums, and Schools No. 26, 36, 2, 31, and 13. 

Earlier this year, in association with the education committee of the Veliky Novgorod administration, Acron awarded grants to the best chemistry and physics teachers in Veliky Novgorod as part of a programme called Achieving Success in Education and Career with Acron. The winners and runners-up received cash awards. 

The jury chose Irina Tikhonova from the Istok Gymnasium, Elena Dedova from School No. 13, and Lubov Sherstobitova from School No. 9 as the best physics teachers. The Best Chemistry Teacher 2020 award was presented to Alexei Zavyalov from the Novoschool Gymnasium, Galina Zhavoronkova from Gymnasium No. 4, and Nina Osipova from School No. 2.