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Acron Recognises Best Chemistry and Physics Teachers in Veliky Novgorod

In association with the education committee of the Veliky Novgorod administration, Acron awarded grants to the best chemistry and physics teachers in Veliky Novgorod as part of a programme called Achieving Success in Education and Career with Acron.

The grant programme was established in 2017 to encourage teachers to motivate students to go deeper with physics and chemistry. In order to be eligible, teachers had to submit evidence of methodological research in their subject, their students’ academic achievement, the number of students who passed their final state examinations, and students’ level of engagement in extracurricular activities for chemistry and physics.

The grant competition included two nominations: Best Physics Teacher 2020 and Best Chemistry Teacher 2020. The jury chose Irina Tikhonova from the Istok Gymnasium, Elena Dedova from School 13, and Lubov Sherstobitova from School 9 as the best physics teachers. The Best Chemistry Teacher 2020 award was presented to Alexei Zavyalov from the Novoschool Gymnasium, Galina Zhavoronkova from Gymnasium 4, and Nina Osipova from School 2.

All the winners received cash awards. Under the rules, a winner may spend 50% of the prize fund on personal needs, 30% on infrastructure, equipment, and materials for their classrooms, and 20% on improving their professional skills (such as advanced training or practical study).

Olga Babina, head of human resources at Veliky Novgorod-based Acron, noted that career guidance for school students is an essential component of Acron’s solid professional training system. “As the Company launches new production facilities and expands capacity, it remains committed to attracting highly educated and well-trained young specialists. We cooperate closely with vocational schools and institutions of higher education and sponsor special study groups so that graduates can get guaranteed jobs at our Company.”

Veliky Novgorod mayor Sergey Busurin expressed appreciation for Acron’s support of the city, including its educational institutions. “Using modern equipment purchased using Acron’s financial aid will help the students learn better, take an interest in chemistry, and possibly choose a promising profession. The support of teachers is equally important, since they are responsible for the initial training of future engineers who may some day work at the city’s industrial facilities, including Acron.”

In 2020, Acron allocated approximately RUB 16 million to repair and purchase furniture and equipment for eight schools in Veliky Novgorod under its annual economic cooperation agreement with the Veliky Novgorod administration. The schools will use Acron’s funds to buy modern equipment, visual aids, demonstration materials, and supplies, all of which will improve their educational efficiency.