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Dorogobuzh to Recognise Top Chemistry and Physics Teachers in Dorogobuzh District of Smolensk Region

Dorogobuzh has partnered with the Education Committee of Dorogobuzh District Municipal Administration (Smolensk region) to provide grants to the best teachers of chemistry and physics in Dorogobuzh District, Smolensk Region.

The goal of the project is to recognise the best teachers of chemistry and physics at schools in Dorogobuzh district, as well as to encourage teachers to motivate students to go deeper with physics and chemistry and to further orient them towards professions in demand at Dorogobuzh.

To be eligible for the grants, teachers must be able to demonstrate outstanding teaching methods and student achievement, which is measured as the number of students passing state exams in these subjects and engaged in extracurricular activities.

Head of Dorogobuzh District Administration Konstantin Serenkov explained that the contest is designed to raise public awareness of education, promote successful teaching practices in chemistry and physics in the district's schools, improve the availability of learning materials in schools, and promote effective career guidance for students.

Winners will receive a one-time grant: first prize is RUB 200,000, second prize is RUB 100,000, and third prize is RUB 60,000. Grants for both nominations (best chemistry teacher and best physics teacher) will total RUB 720,000. Under the rules of the contest, 60% of the award amount will go to the winning teacher and 40% will be used to purchase equipment and materials for their classrooms and to pay for professional development courses and internships.

Applications are being reviewed by the Dorogobuzh District Education Committee. For inquiries, call: +7 (48144) 4-14-95, 4-15-48. Email: The competition will end on 31 August 2020, and the winners will be named on 5 October 2020.

The contest committee will include representatives of Dorogobuzh, school directors, and members of professional and public educational associations.